Going Green with Green Cab?
Then Call US, Over 25% of Yellow Checker Cab’s fleet are
Environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious? On a mission to contribute to a longer life of the beautiful Planet Earth? Yellow Checker Cab is, too! If you want to go green with Green Cab, this is your chance! Over 25% of the company’s fleet are Clean Air Vehicles, making it a perfect option for everyone who still cares about keeping Mother Nature as healthy as possible.
Book a Green Cab Near Me, Now!
Everyone at Yellow Checker Cab Company, Inc., is committed to connecting passengers with the best environmentally-friendly taxicab service in the vicinity by helping reduce the carbon footprint. For those riders who are carbon-conscious or those companies looking to reduce the negative environmental impact they have, Yellow Checker Green Cab is ready to accommodate your green needs.
Is This Service an Affiliate Arrangement?
It is! Providing clean-air vehicles matters, and Yellow Checker Cab made it the company’s mission. That’s why over 25 percent of the affiliated cabs are Clean-Air vehicles. That makes Yellow Checker Cab the largest affiliation of alternative fuel vehicles in Santa Clara County.
Why Use a Hybrid Taxicab?
Using a Hybrid taxicab helps the environment and indicates that you are a responsible citizen who cares about the future of the planet.
Carbon dioxide is the number one cause of global warming. “Hybrid vehicles near my location” emit about one-third of the emissions that a regular cab puts out. Standard taxi emits 43 tons of carbon dioxide per year, while a hybrid puts somewhere between 13-15 tons. So, why not do business in a way that contributes positively to the environment? Exactly!
Are Hybrid Cars Are The Future of Taxi Service?
Hybrid cars don’t use as much gas as a regular vehicle because they switch between a gas and electric motor while driving. When they are not using the gas motor, they are using the electric motor. How does everything work, though? When you decelerate or brake energy, it gets stored in the batteries and then that energy is used to power the electric motor under 40 miles an hour. This adds up to significant savings for both the environment and cab drivers. Gasoline is a non-renewable source of energy, and with the use of hybrid vehicles you help the preservation of it. So, to answer your question – yes, hybrid cars are the future of the taxi industry.
Do You Plan On Going Green Yourself, As a Company?
Absolutely! Yellow Checker Cab hopes to be completely carbon negative in the future. Till then, a very successful collaboration with Go Green Cab means the world!
Go Green Cab - Silicon Valley Yellow Checker Cab
Request a clean-air vehicle when scheduling a ride by calling 408.777.7777 or 650.999.9999..
Go Green Cab - Silicon Valley Yellow Checker Cab